SEO Optimization Essentials

SEO Optimization Essentials

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In this article, I will be looking at whatever you need as a business owner for a thorough understanding of SEO optimization, the impact of it, how to apply it in your online marketing, as well as designing and ranking your website on Google.

Why SEO Optimization?

The most important question is this, why SEO? The answer is simple. Performing SEO on your online business process will attract the best customers with great confidence to your product and service! You might ask why? This is because when a potential customer or internet user wishes to find out certain information about something or to buy a particular product, they search for it on Google first and then choose from the options on Google’s first page. Is your website, product or article on the first page of Google and among the first top 5?


Why SEO Optimization

Did you know that 98% of internet users in Switzerland only use Google’s search engine instead of Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine? Talking about the benefits of SEO is so appealing that I’ve already had several workshops on the same topic for business owners.

SEO’s benefits

A few quick and easy SEO tips:

  1. Saving on internet advertising costs, especially on Google Ads
  2. Ranking your website on Google quickly and permanently
  3. Having an organized and user-friendly website
  4. Speeding ​​up the online purchasing and payment process for your site’s users
  5. SEO contributes to your business brand reputation
  6. SEO offers the best and most enduring online marketing channel to attract customers
  7. SEO attracts the best kind of customers to you.
  8. To understand all the benefits of SEO, attend my workshops or consultation sessions.

SEO Benefits

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO quite literally means optimizing your website and web pages for search engines. As a business owner, however, I define SEO as follows; consider SEO as a book full of principles and rules, and a bit of mystery, that will help you optimize your website first for internet users and then for search engines like Google.

What is Offpage SEO?

Off-page SEO is a set of rules and activities done outside the site to improve the site’s rank in the search engine. Using this method means not having to do anything inside the site, as everything is done outside the site and the management panel.

Why off-page SEO?

The site’s external SEO is the key to SEO success and site optimization for each site. As an SEO specialist, if you do anything related to on-page SEO, it still might not be possible to achieve your desired result. Therefore, a set of off-page SEO principles and practices, which is known as external SEO, should be used to gain better results.


What is SEO

What is on-page SEO?

The site’s internal SEO or optimization, known as on-page SEO, is a set of actions performed inside the site to get more search results. In other words, internal SEO consists of the content and HTML code, as well as a set of standards which is done inside the site.

Why is on-page SEO critical?

The site’s internal SEO not only helps search engines to interpret your site better but also helps users to understand the content of a page much more easily. In fact, an appropriate internal SEO helps search engines and users to understand the content of your pages and estimate the value of the content from their point of view. Consequently, search engines can enable the users to access to the best and most relevant pages according to their search.

The ultimate goal of internal SEO is to help search engines and users in the following ways:

  • Understand the content of each page

  • Detect your content as the most relevant content in accordance with the searched terms

  • Evaluate the page as a valuable displayable page on the search results pages (SERP)

When is the best time to start SEO for my business?

To get long-lasting, yielding results, you should take SEO into consideration before running your website, and learn the SEO’s principles for having a successful, user and search engine-friendly website. If you do not have enough time to learn SEO, be sure to contact an SEO specialist and ask them to cooperate with you in performing and designing your website based on SEO’s principles. SEO is incredibly effective for searching and researching your market, and also helps you save thousands and even millions of dollars in your business. I have fully explained this topic in another article.


The best time to start SEO

How do I use SEO optimization for my business?

SEO is fairly complex, but I will try to explain what you need to get started in the best way I can.

Ask yourself these questions before you start SEO:
I will ask you to answer these questions before starting SEO.

  1. Who are my potential customers?
  2. How old are they and where do they live?
  3. What is their occupation? What is their income?
  4. And most importantly, how and where can you find them on the internet?

SEO Optimization For Business

First Analyze your Website

Your website speed

Before doing anything, check your website. How fast is your website loading? Does it take less than 2 seconds? Or more than 3 seconds? Sorry, bad news for you! If it takes more than 2 seconds, you lose at least 40% of its potential visitors.

Your website coding and SEO

I have to confess that it’s better for your website to be coded by a professional programmer than buying a template or re-designed website. The reason is obvious. Websites and templates can be busy and repetitive as well as having heavy codes that cause Google to become confused in ranking the pages of your website. That’s why, if you’re using cms like WordPress, then try to redesign your website template and clean it up. I do not go into the technical side too much, because in future articles I will certainly deal with it in a more specialized way.


Website Coding & SEO

How are my customers looking for my business?

To answer this question, you must do keyword research.

Check how and with what queries the internet users search for your products, service or business. Write everything that comes to mind and makes a list of the most complete keywords. You should then examine these keywords via software and SEO tools so that you can see all the real reports about the words that the internet users use to search. In order to become familiar with the process of keyword research, make sure to keep in touch with us to participate in one of our workshops.


Customers & SEO

Content writing in SEO

After finding the keywords, go through writing and preparing the content in the form of text, photo, video, and infographic. Pay attention to these points in content writing according to SEO’s principles;


SEO Writing

  1. The title of your article or page is important
  2. The length of your text is decisive for ranking. For example, you can not expect to be at the top of Google with 300 words.
  3. The type of paragraph and writing style is vital.
  4. Use both key and family words.
  5. Use suitable and attractive photos.
  6. To learn how to write to be ranked on Google, be sure to participate in our workshops.

Publish your content and promote it

In the SEO process, we call it “link-building”. But I’ll make it easier for you as a business owner.

What do you do after preparing your web page, article or product? Do you put it away? Do you expect Google to put you in the first ranks, so that a lot of people check your article right away, then trust you and make a purchase? Or do you suppose that you can make a killing overnight? I have to say that you have a long way to go.


Let me give you an example. If you were an expert in mathematics and believed in your skills, how would you find a job? Would you stay at home and wait for a job to fall in your lap?

No, you would prepare a resume and share it on many recruitment websites to apply for a job. For each article and page that you publish on your website, you should advertise and share the content as much as you can.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second and biggest search engine after Google, and video marketing is becoming the most important online marketing channel. Here are a few reasons to use YouTube to attract your audience:

  1. YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly active users
  2. Only 50 million users share the content
  3. People trust videos more than text and other types of content
  4. In Switzerland, there are few businesses doing video marketing

SEO YouTube

And of course, in order to learn how to optimize your videos to be ranked on YouTube and Google, I’ll be writing a separate, more complete article in the near future.

What should I do? Shall I do SEO myself Or outsource it to an SEO agency?

If you have just begun working and do not have a big enough budget, I recommend you learn SEO yourself and ask an SEO specialist or expert to help you throughout the learning process. You are the best person who can write content for your business, and define your potential customers’ characteristics, as well as the type of content you should prepare for them.


SEO Agency

If you own a big business and don’t have enough time to perform SEO yourself, I suggest you hire an SEO specialist to do your job. Be sure however to hire a specialist who is aware of the marketing world and has the latest selling information. Know the type, purpose, and audience of your business, otherwise, you will be ranked by some keywords without creating any traffic or the wrong traffic that doesn’t attract any customers.

Thank you for your support, and we will continue to share other articles dealing with the same topic with you.

Ebrahim Mehrno

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