Why SEO is Cost Effective?

Why SEO is Cost Effective?

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I will explain to you why SEO reduces your advertising costs.

There is a fact about Google ads

According to statistics, 98 percent of searches do not result in a click on an ad. It means just 2% in 100% searches go for Google Ads. This is a problem Google is trying to solve. I’ve also stated several times that Google ads only receive 20% of clicks on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page), and this rate has been on the decline since 2018.

Watch out this interview with Rand Fishkin. To me, he is the God of SEO.

But did you know that the Organic Search section, or the same part that doesn’t need to be paid, receive 80% of clicks? Why do you waste your money on hate-seeking advertisements? Do SEO today in order to have a successful and profitable business.


Google Ads

SEO is an investment, not a cost

Doing SEO in the online marketing process and designing your website is undoubtedly not a cost, but a permanent investment. Why? Because SEO is not advertising! It’s enough to be ranked on Google’s first page once, and then you will have continued sales.


SEO is an investment

A Google search story

A few years ago I had a friend who was active in helping students apply for programs abroad. He helped those who were willing to study abroad enroll at top English-language universities and eventually immigrate. I went to his office several times to discuss this. He asked me to help him with reducing his advertising costs. I asked him to answer my question, ” How did 80% of your customers find you for the first time?” He told me that he would check and inform me the following week.



In our next meeting, according to the statistics he gave me, I realized that 80% of his customers found him only through a few articles ranked on Google’s first page. I immediately advised him to cancel all of the magazines, e-mail, online and Google ads. We designed a smart strategy for SEO, and after six months, a miracle happened.  We were ranked in 80% of the keywords related to applying for courses abroad. The company’s sales grew rapidly, and his company is still a renowned and successful immigration company.

SEO helps you to rank on top of Google

Ranking on Google’s first page in relation to the keyword searched by the users of your target market can create a big change and astonishing difference in your sales. If you rank in the Organic Search section of Google, you will undoubtedly create 100% trust among internet users.


SEO helps you to rank on top of Google

SEO helps you spend less on SEA

Let me be honest. I’m against Google’s Ads, and I’m sure it’s not profitable for most businesses, especially new ones. I am not being subjective,  you can view the statistics on Google. If you have a new business, I strongly suggest not to seek Google ads. Suppose that you decide to do Google ads for whatever reason. You must determine which page, article, and product of your site you wish to advertise. It’s important to set the page based on SEO principles.  This way, not only will your ads be displayed higher than your competitors, but it will also be cheaper. Therefore, SEO can dramatically help you reduce Google costs.



SEO is the most valuable channel for bringing traffic

In order to create traffic and bring internet users to your website, you can advertise on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  We all know, however, that when an online user searches for you on Google and finds you there, they are more likely to make a purchase than seeing your ads elsewhere. This is because Google’s first rank is different from a user’s point of view.


SEO brings you traffic

SEO results will remain for years

If you rank on Google, there’s no need to worry about losing your position, provided you keep your site up-to-date.

SEO helps you understand your customers

Knowing the customer is especially important in the process of business and selling. By using SEO tools, you can discover and record all the information about your potential customers.


SEO helps you extract all information and data about your potential customers and create better products, services, and websites.

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Ebrahim Mehrno SEO expert and Strategist

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